solo show online, by torre alain and ian bruner

"We always had a resistance to consider spaces as empty containers...Just like germs and parasites wouldn’t exist without the flesh and the bones hosting them, between work and space is triggered a symbiotic relationship. Something lives in the dry riverbed, it hides in the forest or in the living room’s tapestry. In these environments it feels the work is defined by spectral forces, thick fogs soaking and submerging them. Thousands of eyes gleam and expand to perceive the infectious presences, they dig and devour the light and digesting it, they transform it into darkness". - MRZB

Our art is worthless, and so: it is ecstatic.

Works produced without standard market value are free to determine their own, free to demand more sensitive settings than the gallery showroom. Networks are formed by complex and lyrical passions, rather than economic access or professional proximity. The intention of all production, here, is revelatory – showing our stuff, in collaboration or antagonism - furtively at night, with empty pockets at noon, pressed against the hard brilliance of morning.

Our works are created as rituals; their destiny is to exist as images: the sweetly exiled offspring of a damaged but endlessly proliferating world.

Solo Show is a network of offsite + online artists. We curate themed exhibitions of new work from invited artists + share works by friends. We believe in unpredictable lateral knowledge transfer and we cherish visual swarms.
We welcome submissions and proposals.

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Selected press: Vice i-D: Halo and Ian Bruner interviewed by Kazuki Chito, Magic at the end of the World: in conversation with Wade Wallerstein for OUTLAND, artmagazin: utopia is an existence of uselessness, blok magazine: digital highlights