Ganaël Dumreicher, Eliška Jahelková, Marlena Jonane

solo show

Centre of the project is a video (the other part is an installation itself).
The video depicts a certain process of a breakthrough, resurrection or birth. Aeon by its definition, coming from theology, means an epoch, undefinable time or a lifetime. It is presenting itself as an eternity or infinite time we can’t grasp.

The being in the video is potentially breaking out of this eternity, purgatory or liminal space between life and death, or life and another form of it. Digital effects and the language of the video bring more questions into this observation, asking if “the being” is breaking out from the digital into the real or from the real/ physical/ material to the formable digital.

Æon does hold another meaning coming from Kabbalah, Thelema and with that Egyptian gods. These are hugely rooted in Magick and magical practices.
Æon can symbolize manifestation of oneself to the outer world. As a Thoth card it holds the meaning of birth, rebirth and realization of Utopia. It can be a liberation of hidden powers, expanded perception and the symbol of endless possibilities of oneself.
Being in the video is experiencing a breakthrough… We don’t know if this process comes from the outside or inside. Are the other hands someone else's? Or an illusion of oneself pushing themselves to the limit of a certain “reality” prison?

The video comes together with music that by its nature resembles religious experience in the first part and changes in a more violent techno like ritual in the second part. The whole context is tight to the installation in the shape of a triangle (altar) and the room creates a sort of sacred space with candles in the corner and silicon body from the filming itself, bringing the digital to the real space.

ÆON: Ganaël Dumreicher, Eliška Jahelková, Marlena Jonane @ganael_gana @visualmar @eliskajah