Solo Show turns 2 years old in April ♡
Since its inception, the project has been developed and organized by myself, Torre Alain (Halo) and Ian Bruner, taking time whenever we can between day jobs. We are still so awed by the cascade of creation and communion that has flowed from the simple taproot of the offsite exhib.

This year, we're putting out feelers for a few more (editors?) (curators?) friends to take part in shaping the Commons of Solo Show.

There are so many ways for a project like this to blossom deeper and further ~
not only do we not have enough energy and ability to personally organize it all, but a polyvocal approach is so vital to this whole endeavor. We always want to cultivate more than just pretty images on a scroll, and we think the form of our further evolution should be shaped by multiple hands.

Some organizational activities could be:

developing decentralized offsite exibs and multiplayer projects, eg Gothic Pastoral, Bless'ed Curse;

contributing ideas and writing for interviews and publications;

connecting with other projects and artists; developing collaborations;

developing more formats offline eg workshops, screenings, performances;

co~hosting ongoing online hangouts
guest speakers, peer crits, study/theory + freechat about how our localized events, desires, dreams and plots can map into each other and amplify++

....other things that you might want to see happen!

This is very much a horizontal, self~directed role with a consensus process for new ideas. Our own work on Solo Show is totally voluntary so we likewise expect others to contribute only when they can and want to. It's not a money thing: Solo Show doesn't generate income and is not backed by any institution ~ and we don't ever want to monetize this work as "content" ~ but we're definitely open to brainstorm about how we might establish resource channels for projects and workingclass artists in particular.

a final note: my thoughts about visibility are too complicated to write out here. i'll just say that I feel algorithims and socials tend to create an inferno of the same, yet this bears a sensitive relationship to the co~evolution and durability of forms and how they represent our desires for experimentation, decentralization, and gathering together with kin. i'd love to develop this conversation too as we make plans for the future.

Drop us a message to be involved ~~~~~~~~~ Until 9th April ~~~~~~~~~~