Fetus Babies Case
Gabriel Koi
(TRANS-EARTH) - is how Planet Earth became known after the events of 2020 D.C.

(TELE-IMMERSIONES) - Device where the user can emerge all his senses in the audiovisual content.

(Touch - Radios) - Sound device where the user can entertain himself by touching the visual forms of the sound waves

At the time, it was a very famous case, the reaction of everyone in "TRANS-EARTH" was unanimous. Everyone shocked.

Everything started with a miraculous product of a Taiwanese company, that promised to calm down the babies inside their mother's wombs. All effects were positive. According to the company itself: focus improvement, less time in acquiring new knowledge, strenghtening bones, development of intelligence as a baby, improvement of patience, and the most attractive: a guaranteed peaceful birth.

Interested, mothers from all over the world started to buy this inexplicable miraculous product, that worked with a box that emitted a looped sound, and the user left it closer, while practicing everyday activities, or, while sleeping. The sound calmed the fetuses, and simultaneously apllied all other effects.

The product was a sucess. The sound became an icon of global culture, everyone knew it. The "Tele-Immersiones, Stream Platforms and Touch-Radios were dominated by the advertisement of this wonderful product. The effects were not just on marketing. The effects were real.

but then the first case exploded, and the miracle dissolve.

At the table of childbirth, occuring naturally, already managing to remove the baby's head, everything seemed normal, but the first victim of the product starts to take shape. After the removal of the head, the rest of the fetus had no shape. Head and rib. And the most incredible thing was that he breathed. Was alive.

While it may, the case was hushed up by the company's influence, but it didn't last long for other simlar cases pop up. The sentence of the product was evident, it was impossible to hide more and more cases.

Some babies, already months old, passed away, others, the bones were porous, and its entire skeletal got weakned. The symptoms also reached the brain, reducing the size and making the child weak. The effects were late in some children who went through the product process, close to their 5/6 years, due to the poor formation of the perception of the senses, the child already developed sympotoms of chronic anxiety, in some cases schizophrenia.

After much market resistance and the company's influence on local governments, it was through the great effort of an international coalition that the product managed to be banned and withdrawn from the stores.

The surviving children became know as "Indignas".

Fetus Babies Case
Concept/Argument/Text/Visual - GABRIEL KOI
Images taken in Paranapiacaba, São Paulo, Brazil.