Skogens Konung
Groddammen, Kålltorp

Hanna Antonsson, Seraph, 2021
Taxidermy pigeon wings, windshield, arduino, metal rod, tap

Klara Strom, Varelse, 2021
Pine branch, tin
Makastjälerskan, 2021
Pine brach, tin
Maja Lindberg Schwaner, Cute and well-organized, 2021
Photography, fabric, wool, emoji, nike
Through aesthetics I (self-portrait), 2021
Photography, fabric
Unkeeping, 2021
Steel, wool
Rasmus Dominika Rosgaard, Vrold spawn 1, 2021
Jesmonite, pigments, acrylic paint, spray paint, steel

Skogens Konung is a one-day off-site exhibition located in Kålltorp by the small swamp Groddammen.

This forest-area, close to the city and populated with everyday exercisers walking their dogs up and down the hills, meets the mythological forest in which strange creatures and forces roam. A seraph, animated by modernday technology, appears at a car crash. A worm-human hybrid is caught inbetween stages of being.

“Skogens Konung” means “King of the forest” and could be the title of a tarot card or a mythological character but is actually taken from Paradise Hotel. The exhibition address stories and aesthetics through which we connect with the forest. These are shaped by myths as well as online photo-circulation and TV-shows.

The exhibition features several faces, merging with the forest or connecting with it through a cottage-core fantasy, and the human here becomes as haunting a presence as the mythological.

The exhibition consists of sculptural works in a variety of materials and techniques including bird taxidermy, tin, wood, steel and fabric, plus photo.

Works by: Klara Ström, Hanna Antonsson, Rasmus Dominika Rosgaard and Maja Lindberg Schwaner
Photos by Hanna Antonsson

SKOGENS KONUNG | Klara Ström, Hanna Antonsson, Rasmus Dominika Rosgaard and Maja Lindberg Schwane