Lena Kuzmich at UNFAIR 2022

MUTANT: Lenticular Print mounted on Alu Dibond, Epoxy-coated and 3D-printed ornaments

mutanism : we are a collective entitiy : a multitude of bacteria : unfolding inside ourselves

This is where I post from ~ Fountain

EMO Tower: Lenticular Print mounted on Alu Dibond, Epoxy-coated, 3D-printed ornaments, Chains with Beads

graphic novel based on the tarot card : the tower. telling the story of an EMO teen locking itself in a tower during the peak of climate crisis. trees are burning, icons are melting, animals are going insane.

"Looking at the world is like watching at a YT jump scare video on repeat. You get used to it, but it is still scary." How do we reach hedonic bliss, if most systems of pleasure seem to counter nature?

Chimera//Metamorphosis: 2 Lenticular Prints mounted on Alu Dibond, Plexiglass ornaments, Chains & Glass beads

imagining life beyond the human : fungal systems as the main network in the chthulucene
caterpillars fully liquifying their bodies to hatch as butterflies : humans liquifying their bodies to hatch as... Chimeras incl. tech and eco