LLZ MALA (bad light)
Salvador Marino & Tomás Quiroga

Salvador Marino & Tomás Quiroga, Solo Show Online
Luz Mala, Salvador Marino & Tomás Quiroga

When someone encounters the Luz Mala (Bad Light) they must say a prayer and bite the hilt of a knife or face it armed with a blade. The white light that appears on the slope of the hill is good, where it enters you have to stick a dagger and the next day go dig... you will find gold and silver. Flee from the red light, it's said that it is bad light, temptation of the devil. If the light comes to haunt someone, it becomes a death sentence for that person.

A sudden gleam in the distance, an apparition in the wasteland, a dreaded shine in the dark, the bad light. Inhabitants of the night, they emerge from the salt when the sun goes down and hide at dawn. Meanwhile, they celebrate their rituals under the full moon.

Legends of northern Argentina recount gloomy encounters with these mysterious manifestations, with the belief that they are souls in pain, wandering spirits of the deceased who did not receive proper burial.

Materials: Aluminium, nickel-plated steel.

LUZ MALA | Salvador Marino & Tomás Quiroga
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