New Pastoral
Haven, Wisconsin

Clara de Castro, Untitled, Oil on canvas

a show installed in the barn of a stonemason named Zig in Haven, Wisconsin; the work collected in ‘New Pastoral’ investigates the American country not only as an aesthetic object, but also as a site of major cultural production. The hay bale, the campfire, the misty mountain range – these are the icons of a new mythology. This art references the history of realism in painting & photography as a record of values. What is precious? What do we long for, what do we have to be proud of?

Haven WI, Aug. 27, 2022

Everett Black, acrylic

John Claud Valentine Ruder,
Remember, right past Grandma’s house, Angels dance in the distant onion fields, clean laundry

Luz de Indio, 35mm film exposure, 6x9.

Ruben Hemmer, Untitled Lustre paper, 18x24

Willy Black, acrylic on canvas

Halo, Bitter (little house), Ink, acrylic, and graphite on paper
with work by willy black, luz de indio, clara de castro, everett black, john claud valentine ruder, reuben hemmer, halo
curated by everett black & zoe bean at zig's barn

NEW PASTORAL | Haven, Wisconsin