play / cognition

بازی / تمرین

How can we find focus through collective amusement / how can we amuse each other through a collective focus?

Play / Cognition is a multifaceted and ever evolving project designed with the intention to connect with others near and far, engage in a mutual form of production, and keep entertained through collective action. This selection of images is an overview of the first six phases of this project. Communicating mostly through emails, 10 participants were tasked with, and /or asked to assign tasks to, with no end goal or final product in sight. Participants encouraged each other to think outside the box. New forms of task based communication developed as the project evolved challenging the confines of virtual performative making and connection. These tasks were done in our spare time, without pressure and as a form of meditation.

Participants were sequentially tasked to help the organizer in arranging objects collected into a 1×2 meter space. Project contributors Alireza Mohammadi, Hedieh Ahmadi, alongside Sadra Wejdani, Founder and working member of Bazcharkh, an NGO based in Tehran with a focus on sustainable methods of inner city transportation in Iran, transported the installation from the room onto a bike trolly, and moved the materials to a public location in Northern Tehran. The installation was then reassembled in this space.

For more information on this project and to participate please email: cognitionplay(at)gmail(dot)com

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Part I: Installation in Room –

سازه در اتاق

Alireza Mohammadi –

علیرضا محمدی

In Public Space –

در فضای عمومی<


ردای مستی یه شب خدمت سربازی -

Hungover At The Military Service

با کیوانشکوهی (Saba Keyvanshokuhi), امد دهقان (Hamed Dehqan), دیه احمدی (Hedieh Ahmadi), ربد تهرانچی (Farbud Tehrānci),نّانه حیدری (Hannaneh Heydari), لی امین (Ali Amini), ریا احمدی (Paria Ahmadi), محمد رضایی (Mohammad Rezaei), اطمه کاظمی (Fatemeh Kazemi), علیرضا محمدی (Alireza Mohammadi)