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Return to an original womb: Lilim Pop & true great lady of pleroma
Vitaly Weber & Dolcemale Allevii (Riccardo Sebastiani & Anton Pio Rubino)
Stage design for Cura Festival Grottaglie, Apulia summer, 2022

Result of a two week residency inside Cave Contemporary, Grottaglie Apulia

Photography by Sara di Lauro
Edited by Yicong Sun

Vitaly Weber @gamble_mumble
Ricardo Sebastiani @d4rk_k3n
Anton Pio Rubino @milkychrushlies
Dolcemale Allevii @dolcemaleallevii
Cave Contemporary @cavecontemporary
Cura Festival @curafestival
Sara di Lauro @saradlr__
Yicong Sun @y1cong_so0n


Return to an original womb