kur space, vienna

Thor Tao Hansen, Works for a plumber (Sweetest is the taste of hidden fruit)
Oil on wall, Bricks, Soundloop, dry grass, snake fruit, aged fabric.
Alvilda Krogh Thomasen, Chamber of eggy behaviour
(Outer crust inner liquid) Pewter, cracked eggshell
Folke Sverdrup, Bird up
Soft pastel on paper.
Frej Volander, Tauchen, springen, stürtzen
One channel video installation. 4:47
Jennifer Gellardo, Untitled (argumentation stacks)
Air drying clay, oil pastels, powder pastels
Theodor Nymark, Das Geistergefäß des Verfalls
Sleeping bag, hair of a marsh trufe dog, Alpine hay, RFID fabric, thread, natural rubber,
silicone, Albedo100™ reflective spray, plant robe, diffusers, Monster Energy™,
Tobias Hansen

Wenn Sie Einen Vogel Fangen, Wohin Fliegen Seine Jungen?

Beneath the hilly surface, behind the veal of mystery, lies a system of passages and chambers. The never-ending pathways, intersecting one another, upholds a blossoming and fruitful eternity. To be moving ahead, like a sprawling root, narrating the thought and memory, and then arise from the canal and then unfold onto the garden of sheep. The deepened space, with a skeleton of walls and arches, devours the all-seeing sun.

Our space of dust, from which none who enter ever return. The house of charred souls. Souls that maneuver from host to host, as the rhizome of ideas. Awakened souls, that present themselves onto the hillsides of knowledge. The soulful wolf, bending the legs of civilization. A being who enters the domain of the hermetic. The unveiling of the mighty spirit and its dissolving darkened mask. Oh, mighty Vault! You who bends before my widened pupils. The clay, of which you are birthed, from the landscape of the elders. You should be climbing the ladder of Ceder, from the cellar onto the roof. You oh mighty creature! You who fall hard onto the torn floor and descend into raw matter. Your stature, as tall as any tree, who bleed on the walls and fgurate into cognisance. And your friend?! They , who swim around the streets as a mourning spirit. Your friend?! Who mounts themselves onto the bleeding structure and fgurate into cognisance?

My friend, when you catch a bird, where do its children go?
They flee for nurture and reflect their coming surroundings . When a bird dies, where do its bones go? Into the mouths of wolves! When a bird dies, where does its flesh go? Into to the stomach of maggots. And the maggots, where do they go?
Into the mouths of birds!

Secret Knowledge

The basement, hidden from the panoptic view of the power structures above, has always been the space of the persecuted and the seditious. If knowledge is power, concrete power manifests itself as vision and the ability to hide oneself and one’s activities. The subterranean seditionists, the Taliban and the early persecuted christians alike, all gain their power to subvert authority, precisely because of their ability to control their visibility. This is the same reason that the power superstructures, empire persist, because they are too large for any one part of the system to be aware of its entirety, becoming invisible through hypervisibility. The sleek mechanisms of power are illegible.

The turning of the inward eye - the inward turning of the eye - always immediately precedes the moment of awakening. When the dreamer can’t fnd the next part of the song she is singing, and starts to look for it, she will awaken. Can we perceive this middle range between the two extremes, forgetting binary vision, bifurcated ontologies. What now leads, creeps or shudders in this grayshade interim? Is it like walking on suspended mud? Or some down-crashing rubble in a video game? The falcon can only identify a specifc range of auditory signals from the falconer.

In one neo-assyrian wall relief, soldiers are swimming in a river in close pictorial intercourse with horses, they are naked, uncovered forms of man and animal. The men are suspended by sheep’s stomach skins that they are blowing into. The loci of intersection is at the mouth and the genitalia, sites of entry and evacuation.

Theodor Nymark, Thor Tao Hansen (Vienna 2021)

with Alvilda Krogh Thomasen, Folke Sverdrup Nygren, Frej Volander, Jennifer Gellardo, Theodor Nymark, Thor Tao hansen, Tobias Hansen

/ is simultaneously remembering and experiencing what has been- and what is being seen beneath and above. Through a navigational narrative, / seeks truth in the crooks and crannies. As if / is the joint between bricks and streets. The at first soft, then hardened connection between the two. What keeps it all together? Details of memories are remembered, or rather impressions of memories are recalled. In an amplified view of details, / tries to grasp the necessity to be, by exploring and gathering information of the surrounding environment.

i envy ur naiveté
to be
an interchangeable part.
in a game of transactions.
to be comfy with
the suppression.
to only hurt
on the inside.
to be able to pay
for engagement
pro fanatic.
with the easy. with the new generation. with a successes of another.
only to taste it.
to test the waters.

not to dive in.
to the very core of desire to create and expirience art.
to recreate. to reproduce. to reflect.
to de flect.
and to be defeated. all day every day.
and really rise. rise above the material. above the object. above the viewer. above
to become death itself.
for a second.