The Monastery
Andrew Rutherdale

‘The Monastery’ is a solo exhibition featuring 3D-printed works by Andrew Rutherdale. Physarum polycephalum (also known as slime mold) was grown in mazes in the artist’s studio and preserved in resin. Like Daedalus, the artist constructed these labyrinthine forms to contain a mythic creature, an uncontrollable blob, the magical protoplasm of life. The works inhabit the greenhouse as sacred objects, referencing the architecture of monasteries or cathedrals as divine spaces of slowness and meditation. The work celebrates the intelligence of non-human beings and suggests that all living entities may follow a path to the realm of the spirits. The exhibition invites the viewer to find their center by trailing the forked paths of the physarum into a mysterious realm of infinite growth and vital animism.

Physarum Window I
ABS, Physarum polycephalum (slime mold), resin, oats, steel ball-chain
60 cm x 20 cm x 4 cm

curated by sara blosseville

@andrewrutherdale @lightharvestingcomplex